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Inspire Project: Validation workshop to finalise the design of the skills partnership scheme between Ghana and Germany

08 February 2024

Ghana, Germany

On 23 January 2024, the final step of the scheme development and design process took place, with the Inspire project bringing together Ghanaian government officials, employment agencies, as well as representatives of the German Embassy and the Ghana-European Centre in Ghana and experts. The Inspire project facilitated a workshop to thoroughly discuss and validate the outcome of more than a year-long consultations.

In the journey towards building a skills partnership scheme between Ghana and Germany, a pivotal milestone was achieved through a validation workshop with key stakeholders from Ghana. This workshop marked the culmination of an extensive design process aimed at fostering collaboration and addressing crucial skill gaps between the two nations. As the result of this process is a pilot skills partnership scheme focused on renewable energy, green manufacturing, construction, and logistics. The scheme aims to provide training and employment opportunities for Ghanaian youth by leveraging migration and mobility pathways to Germany. 

Participants validated the partnership scheme, acknowledging it as a tool whose potential scaling could promote regular labour migration between Ghana and Germany, creating a win-win situation for the labour migrant, German employers, and both Ghana and Germany at large.

Promoting the mobility of labour and skills within and outside Africa represents an important way of harnessing and fostering innovation on the continent, bridging skills and educational gaps, and creating job opportunities for an expanding African youth population.