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KOMPLEKS: International seminar on the reception and labour market integration of Ukrainian displaced people with disabilities

09 November 2023


On 9 November 2023, ICMPD organised the third international seminar in Warsaw as part of the ICMPD-led project “Comprehensive Support for People in a Vulnerable Situation in the Polish Migration Management System (KOMPLEKS)”, in collaboration with the Polish Migration Forum Foundation (PFM) and the Association for Legal Intervention (SIP).

During the seminar, distinguished experts and practitioners discussed the specific challenges faced by displaced people with disabilities from Ukraine. Deliberations included a thorough examination of current legal regulations, available support mechanisms for individuals displaced from Ukraine with disabilities – both pre-existing and as a result of the war – and monitoring measures to evaluate the effectiveness of these interventions. 

Participants representing governmental, municipal, and non-governmental institutions collectively explored a diverse range of potential solutions within the area of supporting this demographic. This encompassed a review of best practices that frequently integrate legal assistance, housing provisions, and support for entering the labour market. 

Notably, experts underlined the anticipated rise in the number of individuals with disabilities from Ukraine, coupled with an overall increase in those intending to establish a more prolonged stay in Poland. Consequently, the need to introduce well-tailored, long-term solutions was emphasised as a priority.

Currently, there are around one million displaced people from Ukraine in Poland, with a notable proportion facing challenges associated with disabilities. While there are existing initiatives and programmes tailored for this demographic, not all prove entirely sufficient in addressing their diverse needs. In contrast to other cases, effective resolutions require the establishment of new synergies that intersect both migration management and specialised social services.

KOMPLEKS aims to support the Polish migration and asylum management system to address the needs of vulnerable migrants. The partnership consists of ICMPD, key institutions for migration and asylum management, NGOs, and Norwegian project participants. The programme operator in Poland is the Ministry of the Interior and Administration (Department of European Funds) and the European Projects Implementation Centre.