KOMPLEKS: Comprehensive Support for People in a Vulnerable Situation in the Polish Migration Management System

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August 2021 to January 2024
The KOMPLEKS project is co-financed by the "Home Affairs" Programme implemented under the Norwegian Financial Mechanism for 2014-2021. The programme is at the disposal of the Polish Minister of the Interior and Administration.
Polish Office for Foreigners (UdsC), Association for Legal Intervention (SIP), Polish Migration Forum Foundation (PFM), Norwegian Police Immigration Service, Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI)
Implementing Agency


The aim of the 24-month project is to support the Polish migration and asylum management system to address the needs of vulnerable migrants. The project has complementary objectives as part of a comprehensive structure: On the one hand, through thematic trainings, workshops, and network building, it aims to strengthen institutional capacities and improve skills among target persons working with vulnerable migrants, as well as to improve existing solutions through institutional and international cooperation, policy analysis and publications, and exchange of good practices. On the other hand, the project aims to improve the situation of vulnerable migrants through additional services and direct assistance: providing legal, psychological, and case management services free of charge supporting vulnerable migrants who apply for refugee status in Poland or are in return proceedings (target beneficiaries of the project have been expanded to include people fleeing from the war in Ukraine).
The partnership consists of ICMPD, key institutions for migration and asylum management, NGOs, and Norwegian project participants. The programme operator in Poland is the Ministry of the Interior and Administration (Department of European Funds) and the European Projects Implementation Centre.


You can follow our project updates on key events, trainings, and other activities here and on the project website at www.kompleks.info.

Project Team

Maximilian M. Meduna

Project Manager

Anna Piłat

Project Officer

Justyna Segeš Frelak

Senior Policy Advisor

Melina Koumides

Programme Assistant

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