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MOBILAZE 2 releases Migration Textbook: A Comprehensive Guide for Azerbaijan's Practitioners and Academics

17 May 2024


Published under the EU-funded and ICMPD-implemented “Support to the Implementation of the Mobility Partnership with Azerbaijan (MOBILAZE 2)” project, the Migration Textbook provides a comprehensive overview of the migration field, exploring its historical roots, current trends, and future prospects. The textbook covers a wide range of migration-related topics, from migration theories to governance, and from migration management in Azerbaijan to integration and security.

The Migration Textbook is designed for migration practitioners, government authorities working with migration-related issues, academicians, researchers, and master and doctoral students from various disciplines in Azerbaijan. Written by Azerbaijani and international academics and migration experts, including representatives from the State Migration Service of Azerbaijan and ICMPD, the textbook is available in both Azerbaijani and English to the public. 

Migration is a global phenomenon that has become an academic subject for teaching and research activities worldwide. The Migration Textbook is a pioneering resource in Azerbaijan's academic and non-academic environments. The textbook will be shared with stakeholders, government agencies, universities, and more as hard copies and will be publicly available via the ICMPD website. The project is organising a series of presentations on The Migration Textbook in local state and private universities in Baku, Azerbaijan.

The “Support to the Implementation of the Mobility Partnership with Azerbaijan (MOBILAZE 2)” project supports relevant stakeholders in the Republic of Azerbaijan to:

  1. Develop institutional capacities for migration policy development and implementation,
  2. Institutionalize migration data collection, analysis, and application,
  3. Enhance and standardize institutional procedures for capacity building on migration and border management and the integration of refugees,
  4. Develop institutional and public awareness of migration policy agendas and irregular migration threats.