Project News

“OBSERVE-CV”: ICMPD launches its largest bilateral project in Cabo Verde yet to combat Trafficking in Persons

08 September 2021

Cabo Verde

On 17-20 August 2021, the official launch of the new project “Strengthen the National Observatory Capacity to Tackle Trafficking in Persons in Cabo Verde” (OBSERVE-CV) took place in Praia, Cabo Verde. This is the largest ICMPD bilateral programme implemented in Cabo Verde.

The project will support the national anti-trafficking stakeholders to fulfil their mandates according to the national legal framework and policies in place, and all the international commitments Cabo Verde has assumed on the topic of Trafficking in Persons. This action is funded by the Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons of the United States Department of State and is expected to be implemented through May 2024.

OBSERVE-CV aims at creating, with the Cabo Verdean anti-trafficking actors, the mechanisms and knowledge they need to fight Trafficking in Persons, as well as facilitating the national coordination efforts to identify and protect trafficked people. As targeted activities, the project will:

a) Structure the National Observatory against trafficking;

b) Facilitate the regular functioning of the National Observatory;

c) Promote technical international cooperation;

d) Study the current trends of the phenomenon of trafficking in the country;

e) Train trainers and stakeholders at broad; f) and publish practical guidelines and an online course.

Among the institutions visited during this first management visit were the Ministry of Justice; Ministry of Internal Administration; Ministry of Family, Inclusion and Social Development; High Authority for Immigration; Cape Verdean Institute of Children and Adolescents; Embassy of the Republic of Portugal; National Police; and the Federal Prosecutor’s Office, among others.

The ICMPD representatives held high-level meetings to hear the needs of the national stakeholders, strengthen their commitment towards the project activities, and agree on the next steps. All partners received the news of the project kick-off with enthusiasm and a strong will to cooperate.

During the mission, the Ministries of Justice and Finance also completed ICMPD’s registration, which is now a legal entity with full rights in the country.

Following the mission’s success in engaging the relevant partners, ICMPD officially started the implementation of the activities on September 1st and is currently renovating the premises, within the Ministry of Justice’s facilities, that will serve as ICMPD local office in Praia.