OBSERVE-CV: Strengthening the Cabo Verde’s Capacity to Combat Trafficking in Persons

#Trafficking in human beings

Cabo Verde
June 2021 to June 2024
Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons of the United States Department of State.

Objectives: The objectives of the project are:

  • To create a solid framework for collaboration and information sharing among the anti-trafficking stakeholders.
  • To empower the National Observatory and its members to properly monitor and identify instances of exploitation.
  • To support the national authorities and civil society organizations alike to rescue more and better protect victims.
  • To ensure that all islands have operatives to monitor and report suspected cases of exploitation.
  • To update the knowledge about the current context of trafficking and use it to inform policies and other anti-exploitation measures.
  • To ensure that all relevant stakeholders are well trained to identify trafficking cases, protect its victims, and prosecute the perpetrators.

Summary: The project will support the national anti-trafficking stakeholders to fulfil their mandates according to the national legal framework and policies in place, and all the international commitments Cabo Verde has assumed on the topic of Trafficking in Persons. OBSERVE-CV aims at creating, with the Cabo Verdean anti-trafficking actors, the mechanisms and knowledge they need to fight Trafficking in Persons, as well as facilitating the national coordination efforts to identify and protect trafficked people. As targeted activities, the project will:

a) Structure the National Observatory against trafficking;

b) Facilitate the regular functioning of the National Observatory;

c) Promote technical international cooperation;

d) Study the current trends of the phenomenon of trafficking in the country;

e) Train trainers and stakeholders at broad; f) and publish practical guidelines and an online course.