Project News

Project Kick-off: Supporting vulnerable migrants in Poland

19 May 2022


On 13 May 2022 in Warsaw, Poland, ICMPD, in collaboration with the Polish Office for Foreigners (UdsC), the Association for Legal Intervention (SIP), and the Polish Migration Forum Foundation (PFM), launched the first public discussion kicking off the project on Comprehensive Support for People in a Vulnerable Situation in the Polish Migration Management System (KOMPLEKS).

The purpose of this meeting was to connect key stakeholders and identify challenges in supporting vulnerable groups in Poland as well as suitable measures to address them. ICMPD’s approach to facilitating and building networks allowed participants to transfer knowledge and good practices on different solutions to the current protection challenges on the ground. The kick-off discussion focused specifically on unaccompanied minors and people with disabilities.

In launching this public discussion, ICMPD brought together representatives from civil society organisations, public authorities, and municipalities. The most important issues discussed at the meeting revolved around identifying and addressing the needs of unaccompanied minors and people with disabilities during the reception process through migration management system capacities and direct assistance, as well as effective support at later stages (accessing medical services, education, and the labour market). Participants also discussed how the Act on Temporary Protection addresses the needs of vulnerable migrants and assessed its efficiency in safeguarding fundamental rights. The meeting gave the opportunity to take an intersectional approach with regard to vulnerability in the current migratory situation in Poland and to prepare the ground for future cooperation.