Project News

STREAMinG Project: Civil Society Facility on Migration launched

13 February 2023


On 7 February 2023, a meeting to kick off the Civil Society Facility on Migration (CSO facility) was organised, in the framework of the STREAMinG project. The CSO Facility foresees bettering the engagement of Civil Society Organisations in Migration Policy Dialogue and Policy Implementation, as well as strengthening CSO capacities through the financial support of the European Union and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC). 

In 2022, in the frame of the STREAMinG project, the grants call was announced. As a result, seven grant contracts were concluded and will be implemented countrywide, targeting a wide range of beneficiaries. Specifically: left-behind children and their families; women-led households in rural areas in various municipalities; Ukrainian refugees; returned migrants; foreign residents of Georgia; potential migrants and newly returnees; civil society organisations working in the regions – and different stakeholders – private as well as public agencies and municipalities. The selected actions will support professionals working on child rights issues through capacity-building activities, as well as assistance in the development of the Local Policy Agenda (LPA) for children left behind. Furthermore, provide opportunities for a dignified life in Georgia for women and members of their families displaced from the war in Ukraine until their return, including support for the recovery and integration through the promotion of long-term self-sustaining economic opportunities and a better environment for employees. The actions will also ensure active involvement and engagement of returned migrants in the economic activities as well as increase the financial literacy and economic activities of remittance-receiving households and thus support the overall development process.  Returned migrants' reintegration will additionally be addressed by strengthening the capabilities of local authorities and mapping relevant services. Moreover, the actions include an intense campaign through bus tours in the regions, media campaigns, information meetings, and discussions.

The CSO Facility kick-off meeting served as the initial platform for information sharing between implementing organisations, their counterparts from regions and rural areas of Georgia, donors, and all relevant stakeholders.  The kick-off meeting as well presented the opportunity to highlight points of collaboration and full engagement and effective use of resources in a specific area of action.