Project News

The TALENTAS project organised a study visit on talent attraction

14 February 2020

From 10 to 14 February 2020, representatives from the Lithuanian Government’s Office, Invest Lithuania, the Lithuanian Ministry of the Interior, the Lithuanian Ministry of Social Security and Labour attended a study visit under the EU-funded project "TALENTAS – Developing a strategy for the implementation of talent policy in Lithuania".

The study visit gave the participants the opportunity to learn about relevant good practices in talent policy and talent management practices from the institutions visited during the study visit including, among others, the Estonian Ministry Of Interior, the International House Helsinki as well as the Finish Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment.

Context and Background

Competition for talent has become an essential topic for business and countries, which are increasingly active in introducing measures to both attract talents and better retain those they have attracted. The demographic and labour market situation in Lithuania, linked among others with emigration, has been affecting the county’s competitiveness and ability to attract foreign direct investment. Lithuania’s economy showed a reasonably steady growth trend accompanied by improving living standards, increasing employment and lower unemployment rates. At the same time, it’s attractiveness for talent remains relatively limited. 

About the project

The study visit was organised within the project "Developing a strategy for the implementation of a talent policy in Lithuania (TALENTAS)", currently implemented by ICMPD. The objective of the project is to contribute to attracting and retaining higher numbers of talents in Lithuania, including students, graduates, and highly skilled Lithuanians living abroad. It targets relevant Lithuanian public institutions, employers, as well as universities in order to increase their institutional capacities to formulate, develop and implement reform policies and action.