TALENTAS: Developing a strategy for the implementation of a talent policy in Lithuania

#Capacity Development #Policy #Legal and Labour Migration

September 2019 to January 2021
Structural Reform Support Service (SRSS), European Commission
Office of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania, Lithuanian Ministry of Economy and Innovation, Government Agency Invest Lithuania
Implementing Agency

Objective: The overall objective of the project is to support Lithuania’s national authorities in enhancing their capacity to formulate, develop and implement reform policies and strategies and in pursuing an integrated approach. The project also aims to sustain the efforts of national authorities to define and implement appropriate processes and methodologies by taking into account good practices of other countries in addressing similar situation. Finally, the project will assist the national authorities in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of human-resource management by strengthening professional knowledge and skills.

Summary: Competition for talent has become an essential topic for business and countries, which are increasingly active in introducing measures to both attract talents and better retain those they have attracted. The demographic and labour market situation in Lithuania, linked among others with emigration has been affecting the county’s competitiveness and ability to attract foreign direct investment. Lithuania remains a country with the highest negative net migration in the EU with immigration having only a symbolic compensatory effect. Lithuania’s economy showed a reasonably steady growth trend accompanied by improving living standards, increasing employment and lower unemployment rates. At the same time, it’s attractiveness for talent remains relatively limited.


Barbara Salcher

Project Manager