Project News

Workshop on risk analysis held in Moldova

21 December 2022


On 20 December, ICMPD organised a workshop for Moldovan stakeholders as part of the project “Capacity for a Rights-Based Reception System for Moldova” (CareFor) to exchange experience on risk analysis, especially in light of the country's current state of emergency. The workshop gathered representatives of various public authorities, project partners, ICMPD expert and project team.

The war in the neighbouring Ukraine brought about new risks and thus the need for increased risk analysis capacity. As a frontline response agency to the refugee crisis, the Moldovan Bureau for Migration and Asylum decided to establish a dedicated in-hose function in this regards, and benefitted during these challenging times from CareFor project assistance through an embedded risk analysis expert. For the last several months, the expert has been helping the Bureau with collecting relevant migration data, identifying the relevant risks, and compiling analytical products to support BMA’s operational decision-making and strategic planning.

The objective of the workshop was to share this newly acquired experience and lessons learned with the wider internal affairs community and beyond, including the Border Police, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Ombudsman Office. Discussions triggered topics such as reliability of data sources, inter-agency exchange, end-users and wider dissemination, consideration for human rights, dedicated training curricula and professionalization, and adequate funding and staffing. The latter was especially relevant given the upcoming reorganization of the Bureau for Migration and Asylum. In this regard, the CareFor risk analysis expert presented elements for a series of in-house organizational assets such as standard methodologies, tools, techniques, and procedures.

The project “Capacity for a Rights-Based Reception System for Moldova” (CareFor), funded by the Polish Ministry of the Interior and Administration, aims to contribute to a functioning and human rights compliant migration management system in Moldova while addressing some of the more immediate needs caused by the unprecedented inflow of displaced people from Ukraine.