ICMPD delivers policy analysis and advice to equip our member states and partners with innovative and effective policy inputs aimed at addressing the migration-related opportunities in, and challenges now confronting, Europe, emerging along key migration routes and affecting the vital regions in which we work. Our aim is to provide platforms for dialogue, consultation and exchange on important policy issues: to engage, convene and connect key groups of thought leaders and decision-makers to develop ideas and initiatives that can help move the migration policy debate, and shape governance frameworks and operations in productive, meaningful and pioneering directions. 

Drawing on and valorising the policy relevant know-how and results of the organisation’s work in research, migration dialogues and capacity building, makes us responsive, accurate and able to advise on issues that matter. In our daily work, we analyse and write about migration policies and engage in policy discussions on topics that mirror current priorities for our member states and strategic partners.

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Annual Policy Initiative

The Annual Policy Initiative (API) is ICMPD’s main framework for contributing to current EU migration policy reform debates, with a focus on detangling issues, identifying problems, and proposing solutions. It draws on analysis, engagement, and consultations to move the EU migration agenda forward through a range of outputs, ranging from stakeholder meetings and webinars to commentaries and targeted policy recommendations.

The API is driven by ICMPD’s Policy Unit and leverages internal expertise, research, and analysis, as well as experience from our operational work. It provides a platform for discussion and exchange among senior experts and stakeholders in member and close partner states, EU institutions, think tanks, and other key actors. In 2023 we are monitoring the implementation of temporary protection schemes, exploring exit strategies from temporary protection, and developing recommendations for EU policy on a range of other top questions.

For more information on respective years, please follow the links below:

  • API 2021 - Whole-of-route approaches to countering irregular migration. Where are we now and what comes next?
  • API 2020 - Safeguarding human and public security in the new migration agenda
  • API 2019 - Breaking gridlocks and moving forward. Recommendations for the next five years of EU migration policy


Malin Frankenhaeuser

Head of Policy

Martin Wagner

Senior Policy Advisor

Justyna SegeŇ° Frelak

Senior Policy Advisor

Caitlin Katsiaficas

Policy Analyst