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The growing complexities and political urgency of effective migration and asylum policies prompted the creation of a specialised Directorate devoted to data collection, research and policy analysis. Both the Policy Unit and the Research Unit maintain their project portfolios consisting of third-party funded initiatives and projects. Moreover, the units are tasked to undertake policy and research-related responsibilities and tasks in support of the geographic units within the Directorate of Migration Dialogues and Cooperation. In doing so,both units support the maintaining of high quality standards across ICMPD.


ICMPD’s Policy Research and Strategy Directorate facilitates synergies within and beyond the research community and responds to the demand for more policy relevant input to the migration discourse. ICMPD conducts policy-oriented, empirical research using an interdisciplinary and international approach. The policy and research units are responsible for distilling relevant findings from the various activities of the organisation, with the objective to provide relevant input to our member states and other strategic partners via policy briefs, working papers and specifically tailored services. Furthermore, ICMPD maintains one of the largest collections of migration-specific literature in its library


ICMPD is the only migration organisation structurally linking policy and research, migration dialogues and capacity building. We do so as an international migration organisation with a strong European identity, covering all aspects of migration. ICMPD is a knowledge-based organisation. In its operations, which range from basic research to policy analysis to dialogue facilitation and capacity development initiatives, ICMPD accumulates substantial data and insights. Its geographic scope ranges from individual EU Member States, to the EU at large and along all relevant migration routes across transit countries to countries of destination.  We operate at the global, regional, national and local government level, engage with non-governmental, civil society and migrant organisations and are part of several European and global academic networks of excellence. This unique positioning of ICMPD enables the Policy, Research and Strategy Directorate to processes and analyse migration related information in a holistic way and produce high-quality, policy-relevant knowledge products for its member states. Moreover, the organisation is regularly tasked to produce tailor-made, short-notice analyses on all aspects of migration within its scope of operation. 


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