Capacity Building and Technical Support to Ukrainian Authorities to Effectively Respond to Irregular Transit-Migration (GDISC ERIT Ukraine)

#Border Management and Security #Capacity Development

March 2021 to March 2021
European Commission and six EU Member States (the Czech Republic, Hungary, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia and United Kingdom)
Implementing Agency
Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic, Home Office of the United Kingdom, Office of Immigration and Nationality of Hungary, Ministry of Justice, Immigration and Naturalisation Service of Netherlands, Office for Foreigners of Poland, Migration Office of the Ministry of Interior of Slovakia and ICMPD.


Objective: supporting the development of an efficient end-to-end migration management system using the method of close state-to-state co-operation and experience exchange by providing targeted capacity building, technical support and focused training by EU experts. The project in particular contributed to enhancing the reception capacities and technical improvement of screening centres, especially on the Eastern border.