MiS BiH: Enhancement of the Migration Information System (MIS) for Strengthening Migration, Asylum and Border Management in Bosnia and Herzegovina

#Capacity Development

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Duty Stations
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo
November 2021 to February 2023
State Secretariat for Migration of Switzerland (SEM) through Swiss Embassy in BiH
The stakeholders of the MIS project are the Ministry of Security BiH (MoS)
The Service of Foreigners Affairs (SFA)
Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA)
Border Police (BP)
Implementing Agency
1,35000.000 CHF


The Project represents a continuation of the strategic approach for the purpose of building efficient and sustainable migration, asylum and border management. In that context, the Project is focused on further development and upgrade of MIS in order to ensure interoperability of existing and introduction of some new modules, such as online visa/residence permit application modul and online registration of short stayers in local police stations, connected within the central database and those operating in competent institutions. In this way, all data will be found in one place and thus allow decision-making and prompt reaction in each case. In addition, the project aims at introducing a system for the personalization of residence permit cards in SFA and the issuance of digital residence permit cards, which would improve document security, prevent potential counterfeits, and expedite the entire process. The main outcome of the project is that the Ministry of Security, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and law enforcement agencies efficiently manage and coordinate foreigners’ entries and stays through the use of an efficient data management system for visas, residence permits and registrations. In parallel, the MoS would be enabled to efficiently manage the regular and irregular movement of people and take effective measures to prevent and suppress related illegal acts, while maintaining a high level of security for BiH citizens, migrants and visitors.