Enhancing Transnational Cooperation on Trafficking Cases in South-Eastern Europe (TRM II)

#Trafficking in human beings

Albania / Bosnia and Herzegovina / Bulgaria / Croatia / Kosovo* ‘All references to Kosovo in this content should be understood to be in the context of United Nations Security Council resolution 1244 (1999). / North Macedonia / Moldova / Montenegro / Romania / Serbia
September 2010 to June 2012
United States Agency for International Development (USAID)
Implementing Agency


Objective: The objective of the project was to ensure effective assistance and protection for trafficked persons, especially minors and victims of labour exploitation, by developing a reporting template for all participating countries to facilitate transnational communication on trafficking cases at the operational level.

The 18-month project "Enhancing Transnational Cooperation on Trafficking Cases in South-Eastern Europe (TRM-II)" started on 30 September 2010. It built upon the lessons learned from the "Programme to Support the Development of Transnational Referral Mechanisms (TRM) for Trafficked Persons in South-Eastern Europe" funded by USAID (2006–2009), and the project "Development of a Transnational Referral Mechanism for Victims of Trafficking between Countries of Origin and Destination (TRM-EU)" funded by the European Commission (2008–2010). Involving countries from South-Eastern Europe, as well as key destination countries outside the region, the project focused on the further improvement of cooperation between countries of origin, destination and transit.

The Final Transnational Seminar of TRM-II, funded by USAID, was held on 27–29 February in Bucharest, Romania. Over 100 representatives of governmental, non-governmental and international organisations active in the fight against trafficking in human beings gathered for the event. They discussed the key achievements of the six years of implementation of the TRM Project and pointed out the remaining challenges in the anti-trafficking efforts in the region and beyond. In addition, the new ICMPD project 'Capacity Building for Combating Trafficking for Labour Exploitation', funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was launched in the framework of the seminar. This project comes as a spin-off of the TRM-II project and aims to address outstanding gaps in the capacity of different national stakeholders to handle cases of trafficking for labour exploitation.