RECORD: Establishment of Assisted Voluntary Return Coordination Centres in Türkiye Project

#Irregular Migration #Return and Reintegration

November 2023 to March 2024
Home Office of The Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland represented by the British Embassy in Ankara
Presidency of Migration Management (PMM)
Implementing Agency


The Establishment of Assisted Voluntary Return Coordination Centres in Türkiye (RECORD) Project, focuses on improving the infrastructure of the National Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration (NAVRR) Coordination Centres in Ankara and Izmir provinces as one-stop-shop to strengthen the return and reintegration assistance for voluntary return to be operated by the national stakeholders of the NAVRR mechanism. These centres will provide the stakeholders with a systematic contact location for the delivery of return counselling services for migrants who are unable or unwilling to remain in Türkiye and wish to return to their countries of origin.
The Voluntary Return & Irregular Migrant Monitoring Centres will i) be a trustable location of first-hand information to identify and address various economic, social, and psychosocial challenges that returnees might face, b) provide advice and support, to PMM and relevant stakeholders, on developing efficient return, readmission and reintegration policies and processes, c) and thereby guide PMM’s operations in the field of irregular migration and return migration from a data-based perspective. The Centres will also allow migrants subject to alternative measures to administrative detention (AtD) to fulfil their reporting duties.
The main programme envisages the establishment (renovation, IT equipment, Furnishing) of NAVRR Coordination Centres in priority provinces of Türkiye, Ankara and Izmir under this project, which will also serve the surrounding provinces for facilitation of voluntary return services. It also foresees the establishment of temporary accommodation facilities if the premises have enough space, for the returnees who prepare their return. The Voluntary Return Coordination & Irregular Migrant Monitoring Centres will be used for information provision, return counselling services and interviews.