EU Support to Strengthening IBM in Ukraine (EU4IBM)

#Border Management and Security

December 2019 to June 2022
Delegation of the European Union to Ukraine
Implementing Agency

The project supports the identification of, and assists in addressing the gaps in the implementation of the national reforms approximating the Ukrainian border management system to the standards and best practices of the EU Integrated Border Management (IBM) in line with the national IBM Strategy of Ukraine adopted on 24 July 2019. The project strongly promotes inter-agency cooperation and coordination among IBM agencies, fosters more effective mechanisms for engagement and two-way communication with the public, and encourages measures to counter corruption in the long run.


The project aims to enable Ukrainian border management agencies on the national and cross-border levels to offer better service delivery to people, promote regional cooperation, cross-border trade, development and human contact as well as to help Ukrainian citizens and companies benefit from increased mobility and integration into the world economic flows while ensuring a high level of security and prevention of cross-border crime.

Expected results

  • Result 0: Business process analysis and re-engineering streamline the functioning of border agencies
  • Result 1: IBM stakeholders have the necessary analytical information, tools and procedures to effectively steer the IBM policy development and implementation
  • Result 2: Border control procedures are analysed and rationalised in selected types of border crossing points, concepts for model border crossing points are developed and implemented
  • Result 3: Interagency coordination, cooperation, and information exchange among relevant IBM stakeholders is improved, including in the area of risk analysis
  • Result 4: Asset and budget management, internal audit and quality management system and processes are enhanced
  • Result 5: HR management in State Border Guard Service is modernised
  • Result 6: Better cross-border coordination and exchange of information with neighbouring countries is ensured


  • State Border Guard Service of Ukraine
  • State Customs Service of Ukraine
  • State Service of Ukraine on Food Safety and Consumer Protection 
  • State Migration Service of Ukraine 
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine