LMS: Labour Migration Strategy in Poland

#Return and Reintegration #Policy #Legal and Labour Migration

June 2018 to October 2019
European Commission (Structural Reform Support Service – SRSS)
Ministry of Investment and Economic Development; Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy; Statistics Poland
Implementing Agency

Objectives:  The project aimed to support Poland in developing a comprehensive and sustainable policy framework for labour migration based on the country’s socio-economic needs and drawing on past experiences of EU Member States and other relevant countries.

Summary: Set against the background of a growing structural and economic demand for high and low-skilled labour in Poland, this projects targeted relevant Polish government ministries and public administrations in order to increase their institutional capacity to design and implement labour migration policies in line with strategic priorities.

The project consisted of the following 4 components:

  1. Analysis of existing labour migration policy instruments employed in other countries with the aim of evaluating their applicability in the Polish context.
  2. Review of migration data collection practices, assessing the interoperability of registries and databases, identifying potential gaps and developing recommendations for their improvement and use in the area of migration policy analysis.
  3. Evaluation of successful examples of bilateral/regional cooperation on labour migration and examination of migration potential of countries that could be implicated in labour migration to Poland.
  4. Review of return migration policies and tools that could be potentially effective in stimulating and facilitating the return of Polish emigrants.



Barbara Salcher

Project Manager