LIBMITAF: Libya’s Migration Technical Assistance Facility

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Duty Stations
Tripoli, Libya
April 2021 to November 2023
European Commission and Swiss Confederation
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Mansour Rashid Al-Kikhia Institute for Diplomatic Studies, Ministry of Interior (MoI), Ministry of Justice (MoJ), Attorney General, General Authority for the Search and Identification of Missing Persons


The LIBMITAF project aimed at contributing to strengthening the Libyan national mechanisms for addressing migration issues in Libya, engaging in various areas:

- Facilitating Libyan delegations' active participation in international and regional migration dialogues (e.g. Rabat Process, Khartoum Process, Vienna Migration Conference, EUROMED Migration V (EMM5), and Mediterranean City - To - City Migration (MC2CM);
- Supporting Libyan authorities in their efforts with respect to consular crisis preparedness and engaging Libyans living abroad;
- Supporting and strengthening of the efforts of the Libyan authorities in the field of migration legislation.

Key Achievements

  • Conducted training sessions and workshops covering topics such as migration dialogues, consular crisis preparedness and management, legal standards of migration, migration governance, cyber security, and forensics.
  • Graduated trainers from the Training of Trainer Programme on Consular Crisis Preparedness and Management, including training sessions on adult-learning methodologies, technical sessions on consular crisis management related topics, as well as one-on-one coaching sessions. The trainers are now equipped to independently continue capacity-building trainings on how to support citizens abroad in crisis times.
  • Accompanied Libyan delegations to various migration dialogues throughout the years, including Rabat Process and Khartoum Process meetings, and supported the delegations in the preparation for their participation.
  • Designed a Consular Crisis Preparedness and Management Trainer’s Manual in collaboration with the Mansour Rashid Al-Kikhia Institute for Diplomatic Studies, aimed at supporting the trainers to facilitate quality trainings independently on the topic of consular crisis preparedness and management.
  • Designed a Migration Dialogues Training Curriculum in collaboration with the Mansour Rashid Al-Kikhia Institute for Diplomatic Studies to support Libyan diplomats in the long-term transmission of knowledge and tools that are relevant for the participation in migration dialogues.
  • Developed specialized studies tailored to Libyan counterparts' needs.
  • Updated the Legal Guide for Foreigners (in Arabic and English, initially published in January 2020, in support of evaluating the legal and institutional frameworks for the migration system in the State of Libya.