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Austria / Canada / Germany / Ghana / India / Indonesia / Morocco / Netherlands / Nigeria / Philippines / Poland / Ukraine
January 2024 to December 2026
European Commission (Horizon Europe)
Kozminski University (project lead), International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, Toronto Metropolitan University, Osnabrück University, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology, Science-Policy Interface Agency, University of Ghana, Association Migration Internationale, Ukrainian Catholic University, Scalabrini Migration Center, ICMPD, ITTI Sp. z o.o.


Link4Skills is a global research and innovation project focusing on skill shortages and skill flows spanning across four continents (Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America). It analyses different ways of responding to skill shortages, such as re/up-skilling established populations (including migrants and inactive women), raising wages, automation, and migration. The project seeks to answer the overarching questions: How to identify existing and emerging required skills in changing labour markets? How should the EU respond to skill shortages? How to recruit the required skills from various pools of existing workforces (including with the support of automation) or from workforces from non-EU countries?

Link4Skills combines data on skill gaps and skills matching in the EU with analyses about human capital in origin countries. The project investigates in particular emerging and established migration skill corridors between EU countries and other destination countries and Ghana, India, Indonesia, Morocco, Nigeria, Philippines, and Ukraine. It also develops an AI-Assisted Skill Navigator to support the knowledge and decision-making of stakeholders from government and the private sector in origin and destination countries.

Under this project, ICMPD is researching emerging and established migration skill corridors to Austria, analysing and developing an inventory of skill partnership frameworks, developing a policy toolkit, and supporting policy engagement and communication on these topics.

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Project team

Maegan Hendow

Senior Researcher

Veronika Bilger

Head of Research

Justyna Segeš Frelak

Senior Policy Advisor

Caitlin Katsiaficas

Policy Analyst

Daria Huss

Project Officer