Strengthening the Tunisian Coast Guard Training Pillar

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Project Summary

The project “Strengthening the Tunisian Coast Guard Training Pillar” is funded by the European Union and will be implemented by the German Federal Police and the International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) until June 2026 in full cooperation with the relevant Tunisian and international partners.

The project’s overall objective is to improve the Tunisian Coast Guard (Garde Nationale Maritime - GNM) Training pillar, thus enhancing their overall capacity to contribute to Tunisia’s Maritime Border Management and Search and Rescue capabilities.

In doing so, the Action sets out to support the GNM’s training infrastructure (Training Academy) and training content to achieve the following outcomes:

  • GNM’s institutional framework and human resources management are enhanced and are in coherence with the newly established training system;
  • GNM educational content and curricula are strengthened and include human rights protection and rule of law principles;
  • The GNM Training Academy is operational, with well trained staff, regular intake of trainees, infrastructure and equipment;
  • Cooperation between the GNM Training Academy and relevant partners is progressively developed and the Academy has established reliable relations with other coast guard training institutions.
Duty Stations
Tunis, Tunisia
January 2023 to June 2026
European Union
Tunisian Coast Guard (Garde Nationale Maritime - GNM), Ministry of Interior
Implementing Agency
ICMPD and German Federal Police
€ 13,500,000