Advisory Board

As a multiple stakeholder group, the Advisory Board furthers the mission and strategic vision of ICMPD by supporting the Director General and his management group with its knowledge, expertise and network. The Advisory Board has three major objectives:

  • to serve the Director General by reflecting the most pressing issues, long-term developments and their policy implications in the field of migration policy and related areas
  • to help ICMPD in identifying innovative solutions, methods and new business opportunities, and to provide active support in the implementation of activities
  • To propose projects and help to procure their funding

Advisory Board Members

  1. Eduard Gnesa, former Ambassador for International Migration, Switzerland
  2. Nina Gregori, Executive Director, European Asylum Support Office (EASO)
  3. Barbro Holmberg, former Minister for Migration and Asylum Policy, Sweden
  4. Mr Hut is former Director, Analysis and Migration Policy Department, Ministry of the Interior and Administration, Poland
  5. Pierre Vimont, former Executive Secretary-General of the EEAS, France