Vienna Migration Conference 2021

Re-imagining migration partnerships: Challenges, opportunities and strategies

How can we deliver better migration outcomes along the routes to Europe – now and after the pandemic? This year’s Vienna Migration Conference (VMC) focuses on challenges, opportunities and strategies to spur stronger cooperation in key areas in Europe’s immediate neighbourhood and the wider world. The crisis in Afghanistan and the ongoing challenges due to COVID-19, including the pre-existing trends the pandemic has accelerated, make constructive dialogue and collective action more pressing than ever. International partnerships are a conditio sine qua non to address current and anticipated migration challenges effectively. Given the pressure to find common ground, this year’s VMC puts the spotlight firmly on assessing the current state of play in migration diplomacy and investigates where real progress between key partners can be made.

Opening sessions focus on current priorities, such as addressing displacement from Afghanistan and the need to create functioning, sustainable African-European migration partnerships. The subsequent panel discussions explore the realities along the key routes to Europe; crisis management at the external border; the future of the European Union amidst a turbulent geopolitical scene; and final reflections on the road ahead in this highly sensitive area of international relations.

This year’s VMC takes on a hybrid format. We will convene approximately 150 key stakeholders in the migration world at Palais Niederösterreich, with online streaming to secure broad outreach and participation despite COVID-19 related travel restrictions.


More information on speakers and programme will be available soon: