Vienna Migration Conference 2018

From Crisis Management to Future Governance

The third Vienna Migration Conference took place on 18-19 October in Vienna. It was the most successful thus far, gathering around 500 participants ranging from politicians and policy makers to opinion leaders and experts from governments, international organisations, the private sector, and civil society organisations.  

The Vienna Migration Conference addresses key areas of interest to the migration community, exploring migration policy options and formulating future strategies. This year’s conference debated how to move “From Crisis Management to Future Governance”, aiming to provide an input to overcoming the crisis mode in both migration policy and politics as well as to contribute to laying the groundwork for a more sustainable migration policy that is understood and accepted by the wider public. 

On the first day, a high-level panel composed of politicians and opinion leaders was dedicated to take stock of the emerging policy architecture and to assess its potential to create “safe, orderly and regular migration” at European level. Advancing the process of reforming refugee protection and addressing European needs for skilled migration were at the core of the debates in two dedicated thematic panels on the second day.

Discussions at the VMC2018 demonstrated once again the importance of migration partnerships as a prerequisite for sustainable governance in the complex and volatile migration environment. Furthermore, progress in the two central policy areas of refugee protection and skilled migration may significantly contribute to establishing a suitable framework in Europe and beyond. Global solutions require European contributions, and European solutions require global frameworks. 

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Video of the Vienna Migration Conference 2018