Vienna Migration Conference 2018

What drives migration? From Crisis Management to Future Migration Governance

2018 is a decisive year for migration. On the global level, the Global Compact for Migration is being negotiated and will be tabled for adoption in Morocco in December. For the first time, there will be an agreement about ‘safe, orderly and regular migration’ at the UN.

It is expected that the Global Compact will serve as global non-binding framework for managing migration better. On the European level, moreover, efforts are undertaken to fully overcome the recent refugee crisis and to better prepare the European migration and asylum systems to deal with future challenges and demands.

While the external borders are reinforced, the EU struggles to find a compromise between responsibility sharing and solidarity among its Member States in the reform of the European Asylum System. At the same time, skills shortages start to be felt in EU Member States and the discussions of carefully crafted labour migration schemes make a return.

With a view to the underlying causes and drivers of international migration, the VMC2018 will take stock of the new emerging policy architecture and will assess its effects on the European level to create ‘safe, orderly and regular migration’.