Summary Paper: Improving our responses to migrants caught in crises: Conclusions and policy recommendations for global migration policy-making


Published January 2018

Counter-smuggling operations and protection: how can we marry the two?

Released 04 September 2017

In this article we examine smuggling through the prism of protection, highlighting how counter-smuggling operations can better take into account human rights considerations into their approaches.

Crisis-driven mobility: What do migrants have to say?

Released 22 May 2017

In this second article of the series, we feature practical examples of migrant experiences and stakeholder responses to human-made crises, drawing on key findings from recent research on migrants caught in situations of crisis around the globe. We focus in particular on migrant responses and migrant voices, as these are necessary to ensure a global compact that responds to the needs of all, and in particular those who are vulnerable to violence or exploitation in the context of a crisis.

Lebanon Case Study: Migrant Domestic Workers and the 2006 Crisis


Published January 2017


Responses to Demand in the Context of Trafficking in Human Beings: Regulatory measures from twelve national contexts

Working Paper

Published April 2016