Revitalising migration partnerships

Released 31 May 2021

How can migration partnerships be improved to strengthen migration cooperation and governance? 

How to Ensure Inter-State Cooperation on Safe, Orderly and Dignified Return? Ideas for the UN Global Compact for Migration

Policy Brief

Published June 2017

Lessons from a Migration Policy Crisis

Released 03 November 2016

The surge in the number of refugees and migrants making their way to Europe in 2015 brought the weaknesses of the fragile European migration and protection system to the forefront and indeed led to a virtual collapse of some of its key components, such as the Dublin Regulation. This triggered a policy and political crisis within the European Union as Member States and European Commission found themselves in disagreement over how to effectively handle the situation.

Commentary on the occasion of the 10th EU Anti-Trafficking Day

Released 16 October 2016

18 October 2016 is the 10th EU Anti-Trafficking Day. In a three-part-blog series, ICMPD analyses challenges and future priorities for the EU and its Member States in combating trafficking in human beings. In view of the forthcoming EU Anti-Trafficking Strategy, we're looking at current anti-trafficking efforts in the context of global migration trends and policies, asking the question of how current debates might shape anti-trafficking in the coming years.

Rethinking Post-Arrival Assistance: The Road Towards a European Return System

Working Paper

Published June 2016