In Focus

ICMPD celebrates 20 years of anti-trafficking expertise, experience and partnership

19 December 2022

This year ICMPD’s Anti-Trafficking Programme (ATP) is celebrating its 20 year’s anniversary. The Programme took the opportunity to mark the occasion by reflecting on its history, milestones in its development and flagship initiatives.

ICMPD set up a dedicated anti-trafficking programme shortly after the signing of the UN Convention against Transnational Organised Crime (UNTOC) in 2000. Today, the organisation has expanded its anti-trafficking activities to over 65 countries by implementing over 90 projects and actions and publishing over 70 publications, research studies and articles. ICMPD delivers its expertise by advising governments on their anti-trafficking policies and legislation, providing knowledge and skills to front-line responders, researching and analysing trafficking-related data, advocating for the rights of the victims, developing and supporting cooperation of national and regional networks of anti-trafficking stakeholders, and engaging in the global efforts to respond effectively to trafficking in human beings (THB).

ATP has a team of resourceful, dedicated, and specialised anti-trafficking experts who have been instrumental over the years in deploying various types of technical assistance and expertise based on needs expressed by countries, regions and donor communities.

The paper “20 years of ICMPD Anti-Trafficking Programme: Development and milestones (2002 – 2022)” follows the ICMPD ATP’s journey and highlights the milestones of the implemented anti-trafficking response. The ATP Infographic and the ATP Info Sheet provide further details and statistics on past and current actions and initiatives.