OBSERVE-CV and OCWAR-T projects promote anti-trafficking policy and institutional developments in Cabo Verde

03 November 2022

Cabo Verde

On 25-26.10.2022, the Anti-Trafficking Programme facilitated two meetings of the anti-trafficking stakeholders in Cabo Verde aiming at the validation of the National Strategy and Action Plan against Trafficking and at setting the next actions of the National Observatory against Human Trafficking.

On 25 October, the ATP organised a high-level meeting to validate the country’s new National Strategy and Action Plan against Trafficking. The new policy has been being developed since March 2022 by a National Drafting Committee, with ICMPD’s technical facilitation. It is expected to be implemented between 2022 and 2025. The meeting was opened by welcoming speeches from Ms. Melita Gruevska Graham, Head, ATP, ICMPD; Ms. Carla Grijó, EU Head of Delegation in Cabo Verde; Ms. Marlene Almeida - General Director, DGPJ, Ministry of Justice of Cabo Verde, and Mr. Samuel Lamptey, ECOWAS Resident Representative in Cabo Verde. Representatives of all major Cabo Verdean anti-trafficking stakeholders attended the event, organised in the framework of the OCWAR-T project.

On 26 October, the National Observatory against Human Trafficking held its sixth working meeting of 2022. This was a highly strategic event, as the  members discussed the future developments for the Observatory and the anti-trafficking policies in the country. The participants debated a proposal for a new piece of legislation regulating the powers, functions, and membership of the Observatory, as well as the formal adoption of the new National Strategy and Action Plan against Human Trafficking. The meeting was attended by H.E. Jeff Daigle, US Ambassador of Cabo Verde and a delegation of the TIP Office (U.S. Department of State)  as representatives of the donor. It was implemented in the framework of the OBSERVE-CV project.