Capacity Building

ICMPD contributes with its capacity building activities to good migration governance and aims to strengthen national and regional capacities in order to deal with the current challenges in various fields of migration.  Specifically, through its capacity building programmes, ICMPD develops and organises training programmes, facilitates international and interagency cooperation and supports governmental and administrative bodies in their institution building, policy formulation and legal reform efforts in six thematic areas: irregular migration & return, trafficking in human beings, border management & visa, asylum, migration & development and legal migration & integration.

The capacity building activities are carried out through the ICMPD Competence Centres,  each of which is named according to one of the thematic areas, as listed below. While most of these activities focus on one of the thematic areas, those activities carried out by the MIEUX II programme deal with multiple thematic areas.


Competence Centre for Irregular Migration & Return

The Competence Centre for Irregular Migration & Return contributes to the development of innovative and effective migration strategies. It does so by approaching the issues of irregular migration and return from a research, political and operational perspective. Through this approach, the Irregular Migration & Return (IMR) team cooperates with and implements capacity building projects with countries of origin, transit and destination and facilitates dialogue between the stakeholders. The IMR team uses the expertise and experience it has gained over the years for the development of effective and sustainable reintegration programmes, which are beneficial for all institutions and individuals involved. The work of the Competence Centre for Irregular Migration & Return aims at preventing irregular migration and raising awareness in countries of origin about the legal possibilities of migration and the consequences and risks of irregular migration, therefore contributing to managed migration systems.

Competence Centre for Trafficking in Human Beings

In recent years, there has been an increasing recognition of trafficking in human beings as one of the most challenging issues and it has been prioritised in the political agendas of many countries around the world. Countries recognize its transnational dimension as a key factor for achieving success in anti-trafficking efforts. ICMPD's Competence Centre for Trafficking in Human Beings works closely with governments, international organisations and civil society at the national and regional level by providing comprehensive anti-trafficking responses in accordance with international and European standards and good practices.

Competence Centre for Border Management & Visa

In order to guarantee free movement of persons within the European Union, it is essential that the outer borders of the EU are well protected against irregular arrivals. Since it was established, ICMPD has been involved in supporting future member states of the European Union, but also many of these states' neighbours, with the creation of well-functioning border control systems. ICMPD's Competence Centre for Border Management & Visa approaches visa issues from an integrated perspective, acknowledging links to border control (issuing of visa at the borders, visa as the first entry control, etc.) and migration management in general (such as the distinction between entry and residence titles, while having similar security features for visa and ID documents). ICMPD offers comprehensive support of reforms in the field of visa policies and practices through capacity building exercises supported by informal consultations.

Competence Centre for Asylum

Changes as a result of geopolitical crises and increasing flows of persons in search for international protection pose significant challenges for national asylum systems and international protection mechanisms. In this environment, ICMPD's Competence Centre for Asylum offers its assistance to governments, as well as international and national stakeholders, in promoting high standards of protection while at the same time upholding national interests to control immigration.

Competence Centre for Migration & Development

The linkages between migration and development are increasingly discussed in global and regional fora and the evidence-base is growing. The Competence Centre for Migration & Development (M&D) assists policymakers and practitioners to better understand how migration influences development and vice versa. We advise on how to achieve policy coherence and facilitate the process of integrating migration into sector policy and development planning and promote development-sensitive migration governance. We strive for sustainable and comprehensive governance of migration and mobility for the benefit of the country of origin and destination, and for the migrants themselves.

A migrant-centred approach is the M&D team's core principle and is reflected in our work for empowering migrant organisations, enhancing their capacities to meaningfully participate in the development cooperation process and supporting network-building for a combined effort in development actions.

Competence Centre for Legal Migration & Integration

Integration has become a major concern for policy makers in Europe. The development of comprehensive, functioning and transparent policies in the fields of legal migration and integration, working for the benefit of migrants and receiving countries alike, has become one of the main challenges for migration management. ICMPD's Competence Centre for Legal Migration & Integration assists governments in promoting and successfully managing legal migration and integration by carrying out comparative research, data collection, capacity building, good practice analyses and concrete policy development.

Multi-Thematic Programmes

ICMPD also organises and implements programmes that deal with multiple thematic areas, namely, the MIEUX II programme. MIEUX II is a joint EC-ICMPD programme that was established to assist EU partner countries in strengthening their capacities to better address irregular migration and mixed migration flows as part of a comprehensive approach to migration management.


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