ICMPD programmes include security-related topics and continue the multifold approach in multinational partnerships.

Border Management and Security Programme

Border Management and Security (BMS) programme was introduced in 2017 under the Migration Dialogues and Cooperation Directorate. BMS ensures that a tailored multifold approach is applied. On the one hand, direct capacity building and support in the development of hard and soft skills is being provided to ensure adequate performance by the staff of border agencies. On the other hand, and with the gradual introduction of so-called smart borders, the provision of procurement services for building up the innovative technologies and infrastructure for up-to-date border surveillance, control and training complemented these newly acquired skills. 

The positive impact and overall strengthening of the security sector at the operational and policy level in partner countries and regions is being ensured by multi-stakeholder projects in the Middle East, Central Asia, Northern and West Africa, Turkey and Eastern Europe.

Anti-Trafficking Programme 

Within the Anti-Trafficking Programme ICMPD contributes to global policy debates and initiatives on anti-trafficking as part of the UN Inter-Agency Coordination Group against Trafficking in Persons (ICAT) and Alliance 8.7, as Secretariat for the Network of Anti-Trafficking Coordinators of South-Eastern Europe, and through the contribution of expertise to the UNODC Global Report on Trafficking and the Global Estimates of Modern Slavery, among other key international publications.

ICMPD's Anti-Trafficking Programme produces policy-orientated trafficking research, develops training materials and guidelines for practitioners, delivers capacity building and training, and supports the development of national strategies for the referral of victims of trafficking.