ProGreS - Phase II: ProGreS Migration Tunisia - Phase II

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Duty Stations
Tunis, Tunisia
November 2021 to February 2025
European Union Emergency Trust Fund
National Observatory of Migration (ONM)
National Institute of Statistics (INS)
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Migration and Tunisians Abroad (MAE)
Implementing Agency
International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD)
€ 1.800.000


Component 1 “Governance of Migration” of the Program Governance & Strategy “ProGreS Migration Tunisia - Phase II” aims to participate in strengthening governance in migration management, through a multi-sectoral, evidence-based approach.

ProGreS Migration Tunisia - Phase II

Project Overview 

The Governance and Strategy Program (ProGreS) Migration Tunisia is developed within the framework of the 2015 Valletta Summit Action Plan and its financial instrument, the European Union (EU ) Emergency Trust Fund (ETF) for stability and addressing the root causes of irregular migration and the phenomenon of internally displaced persons in Africa.

The program is currently in its second phase. 

Main objective of the project

To participate in strengthening governance in migration management,  through a multi-sectoral, evidence-based approach.

Specific of the project

  • Specific Objective 1 : Policy,  legal,  institutional  and  regulatory  frameworks  for  migration governance  are  improved  and  progressively  put  in  place  through  the  establishment of an information system;
  • Specific Objective 2 : Knowledge of migration issues and data management in the field of migration  governance  are  strengthened  through  the  dissemination  and  exploration  of the results of the Tunisia-HIMS survey;
  • Specific Objective 3 : Support for inter-institutional and inter-component coordination.

The project also supports the National Institute of Statistics to conduct Tunisia-HIMS through: capacity building, logistical and financial support.


Governmental institutions and agencies of the Tunisian State related to migration policy development.


Project Team

Wahiba Rhim

Project Manager

Rani Marzouki

Project Officer