Silk Routes Partnership Project

#Capacity Development

Objective: The project aimed at contributing to the concrete implementation of the Silk Routes Partnership for Migration under the Budapest Process by strengthening the migration management capacities of the Silk Routes countries Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan.

Summary: The proposed combination of components below had together improved basic structures for migration management and competences in the Silk Routes countries through targeting the issue from three necessary angles – capacity (training), information and policy, which had raised the capacity of migration authorities in the region, to utilise an improved access to quality information to make knowledgeable policy decisions and formulations. These three basic components were flanked by intergovernmental dialogue at all levels as well as new skills were put into practice in pilot projects.

The specific objectives of the project were:

  • To raise the migration-related knowledge, expertise and management skills of relevant government officials in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan.
  • To strengthen the national migration data management systems and consolidate the knowledge base on the migration realities in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan.
  • To support the development of comprehensive national policy frameworks for migration management.
  • To strengthen regional and intergovernmental dialogue and information exchange on migration matters among the Silk Routes' countries through the regular Budapest Process meeting structure.
  • To increase the concrete operational cooperation among the Silk Routes countries in the area of migration.
Afghanistan / Iraq / Pakistan
February 2014 to July 2017
European Union, Hungary (Lead Partner), Bulgaria, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and the United Kingdom