Supporting Jordan in the Application of Advanced Standards in Document Security

#Border Management and Security

February 2021 to September 2024
Government of the Netherlands
Implementing Agency
International Centre on Migration Policy Development

Objective: To support Jordanian Border Management Agencies in strengthening capacities and fostering information exchange in document security and utilization of advanced standards by national experts

Specific objectives:

  1. To strengthen capacity in detecting fraudulent use of travel and identity documents;
  2. To advance capacity in the development of training programmes and curricula on document security basic and intermediate level;
  3. To enhance cooperation and exchange of information on detected forged and falsified documents, genuine travel documents, as well as methods of forgeries.

These objectives will be pursued through three separate yet mutually reinforcing components, namely:

Capacity Development – through bespoke trainings, training manuals development and expertise exchange. This Component focuses on the Capacity development of Jordanian border management agencies staff, front line officers and senior staff, in charge of combatting illicit activities to strengthen their capacity to detect forged and falsified travel documents at basic, intermediate and advanced levels.

Equipment – Enhancing Jordanian border management agencies infrastructure capabilities in detecting forged travel documents through the provision of document detection equipment. This Component focuses on the purchase, installation and training on usage of the document  detection equipment through the establishment of a document laboratory, including the respective training on its effective use.

Information Exchange – Creating effective and efficient information exchange mechanism at the national and international level. This component focuses on enhancing effective cooperation and information exchange between the agencies involved in tackling irregular migration.