ICMPD Recommendations for EU Migration Policy


ICMPD’s publication “Breaking gridlocks and moving forward. Recommendations for the next five years of EU migration policy” proposes 70 recommendations across eight thematic fields to give impetus for the forthcoming EU Pact on Migration and Asylum. It focuses on overcoming the current gridlock and move forward with a reformed agenda on the EU’s migration policy in the following areas:

1.Renewing a common vision for the future of international protection in Europe and beyond

2.Securing borders and safeguarding Schengen

3.Making return policies and practices more effective

4.Creating better functioning and proactive labour migration policies

5.Putting integration back on the European agenda

6.Integrating enlargement countries in Europe’s regional migration system

7.Broadening cooperation agendas with partner countries

8.Applying a whole-of-migration-routes approach

The new political leadership in EU institutions and the shaping of the new Pact offers a chance to press the political reset button and re-define the course forward for the coming five years. It is a chance to go beyond the crisis management mode and focus on building a more coherent and long-term system of regulating and managing migration. 

ICMPD prepared the recommendations based on a consultation process with its Member States and engagement with other partners and stakeholders. ICMPD believes that it needs one objective, namely “Breaking the gridlock” and action on three levels: A reconfirmation of a joint vision and overarching goals, prioritising implementation and delivery on existing instruments as well as more emphasis on innovative technical and operational cooperation between states. The 70 recommendations in eight thematic areas will contribute to unlock the gridlock and move forward.

Thematic policy papers