Roundtables - Vienna Migration Conference 2019


Reflecting the need to discuss a wide range of issues and priorities, this year’s Vienna Migration Conference will hold five senior level roundtables, on 21st of November.

These invitation-only roundtables target around 15 senior-level officials and experts who, over the course of an afternoon, will delve deeper and broader into the discussion on constructive, forward-looking and viable recommendations for the next five years of migration policy developments in and for Europe. Each roundtable is expected to discuss what we know, what we need to know and what we need to do in these five areas of policy and practice.

The thematic focus for the five roundtable discussions is based on selected issues at stake as identified in a forthcoming publication on ICMPD’s recommendations for the next five years, which will be first presented at the Vienna Migration Conference.

RT 1: Geopolitical Outlook: Migration trends and regional responses

RT 2: Getting to a credible narrative on migration and migration policies

RT 3: The Way Forward on Skills Shortages and the Global Competition for Talent

RT 4: Secondary Movements – Dimension, Motives & Possible Solutions

RT 5: A complementary migration research agenda, quo vadis for the next five to ten years?