RESPONDING TO DISPLACEMENT FROM UKRAINE: Past, present, and future policies


Published March 2023

Making the case for regional cooperation on migration and mobility

Released 04 December 2018

State cooperation on migration and mobility has intensified significantly in the last decade, not least at the regional level where it can take the shape of fully-fledged formal mobility frameworks, such as free movement within the European Union, or economic cooperation frameworks that only facilitate specific aspects of mobility, or informal migration dialogues, such as Rabat Process or Budapest Process.

Cities as the 'centre stage' for combating discrimination and safeguarding human rights of migrants

Released 09 May 2017

Following up on the first informal thematic session entitled “Human rights of all migrants, social inclusion, cohesion and all forms of discrimination, including racism, xenophobia and intolerance that took place 8-9 May in Geneva, we are featuring selected examples and illustrations in this blog. We feature selected local level examples and illustrations to offer inspiration and help inform the discussion and debate on how the global compact for migration can set out to address its commitments in the fields of human rights, social inclusion and cohesion, battling discrimination and intolerance.

Promoting free movement in West Africa for regional integration and development: stepping up efforts to harmonise migration policies

Policy Brief

Published August 2015

Promoting Diaspora Engagement: What have we learnt?

Working Paper

Published August 2015