Migration Textbook

Working Paper

Published May 2024


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The present migration textbook provides a comprehensive overview of the migration field, exploring its historical roots, current trends, and future prospects. It covers a wide range of issues from across the migration spectrum, including the causes and consequences of migration, the experiences of migrants, the social and economic impacts of migration on sending and receiving countries, and the policies governing migration.

Consensus, concession and compromise – taking migration partnerships to the next level

Released 11 April 2022

As governments seek to address challenges and seize opportunities connected to trans-border mobility, policy debates have identified migration partnerships as integral to achieving progress. The concept has indeed evolved from a mere buzzword to a comprehensive instrument of international migration governance based on widely accepted tenets and numerous concrete tools. The principles are clear: Migration partnerships need to (1) build upon mutual trust and joint objectives, (2) guarantee a fair distribution of rights and obligations and (3) ensure that the costs and benefits are absorbed equally by all parties. Partnership, moreover, must be practised at all levels of migration governance, entailing joint agenda setting, political and technical cooperation and shared operational delivery.

Getting Ukrainian refugees into work: The importance of early competence checks

Released 28 March 2022

The activation of the Temporary Protection Directive provides Ukrainian refugees with immediate access to employment in the EU. Skills assessments and competence checks are important tools to steer the first phase of labour market inclusion. Their aim is to match refugees’ skills with labour market demands to identify additional training needs and avoid underemployment, brain waste and brain loss.

ICMPD Migration Outlook 2022


Published January 2022

*European Union

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ICMPD’s Migration Outlook presents a brief analysis of migration and policy trends and provides an outlook on developments and events to watch out for in 2022. Thus, the outlook does not claim to foretell the future or to cover all relevant trends. It wants to use past experience and highlight what might happen and is important to consider.

COVID-19 & MIGRATION - Labour migration: Five priorities for the EU and its Member States

Released 29 April 2020

Governments are seeking the balance between containing the COVID-19 pandemic and saving the economy. Migrant workers are essential in this regard, and the EU and its member states have to find ways to manage labour migration in an era of restricted mobility.