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Armenia: Migration Information Management

Objective: The activity in Armenia, which involved two stages, aimed to provide support to the State Migration Service of the Republic of Armenia in enhancing migration information management and migration policies.

Summary: During the first mission to Armenia, 29 February 2010, the experts in migration data from Belgium, Italy and France, and an expert in migration policy from The Netherlands, assessed the current state of affairs related to migration and migration data management by holding bilateral meetings with national authorities and other stakeholders in charge of migration aspects, and by assessing the legal and institutional frameworks. As a result of this rapid, fact-finding mission, the experts developed the programme of a two-day seminar on EU standards and practices on migration data collection and management, and of the one-day Round Table on Migration Policy which took place 1012 March 2010 in Yerevan. The purpose of the seminar was to familiarise Armenian officials, from various institutions, with EU standards with respect to the collection of migration data, information and statistics, analysis and management, as well as to provide recommendations to the Armenian authorities on the improvement of the national migration information system. The Round Table placed emphasis on the various challenges Armenia faces due to the ongoing emigration, the demographic and economic situations, the issue of remittances, etc., and how these factors influence the vision and objectives of national migration policy. The recommendations formulated by the experts are to be considered by the Armenian State Migration Service when drafting the new National Migration Strategy, a process which has been initiated.

Duration: February 2010March 2010


Moldova/Eastern Partners: Migration Management

Objective: MIEUX provided a platform of consultations and an exchange of practices in the field of migration between the EU and third countries, in particular the ENPI countries.

Summary: MIEUX provided assistance to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration in Moldova to organise a one-day international roundtable "The Eastern Partners' Contribution to the Stockholm Programme", which took place on 28 February 2012 in Chisinau. A second activity took the form of the International Conference on Mobility Partnerships (MPs) held in Brussels in June 2012, which provided an opportunity for the EU, EU MS and partner countries to foster the exchange of practices and experience among present and potential MP partners, to raise awareness of the complete and multidimensional aspects of MPs and to reflect on their future.

Duration: November 2011June 2012


Moldova/Eastern Partners: Conference "'The Eastern Partners' contribution to the Stockholm Programme: synergies to improve mobility and strengthen security"

Objective: MIEUX supported the organisation of a regional conference entitled "The Eastern Partners' contribution to the Stockholm Programme: Synergies to improve mobility and strengthen security".

Summary: The conference was followed by a one-day expert level meeting. Taking place in Chisinau on 24/25 January 2011, with the participation of the EC Commissioner for Home Affairs, Ms. Malmström, the event identified joint actions to be carried out in order to improve mobility and cooperation in the JHA field within the Stockholm Programme framework. This paved the way for the establishment of a framework for a regular dialogue between EU institutions, EU Member States and Eastern Partners and other interested third countries, both at Government and civil society levels.

Duration: January 2011 


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