COMMIT: Communication with Migrants on Application of Alternative Measures to Immigration Detention in Türkiye

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Duty Stations
Ankara, Türkiye
December 2022 to February 2023
German Embassy


Objective: This Project aims to further contribute to the ongoing efforts of the Presidency of Migration Management (PMM), Türkiye’s Migration Agency, in ensuring effective and sustainable implementation of Alternative Measures to Administrative Detention (ATDs) through assisting the PMM in reaching out migrants and providing all necessary information on ATDs in place in Türkiye.

Summary: This project will be supporting PMM under three components:

Component 1, Promotion and facilitation of application of ATDs: This component aims to raise awareness of migrants who are or might be subject to ATDs through
i) the development of informative videos and infographic posters for each alternative measure,
ii) procurement of tablets and monitors for displaying produced videos at migrant tracking bureaus and
iii) raising awareness of migrants through online, social media or other advertisement means.

Component 2, Knowledge building and strategic outreach: This component aims to provide capacity-building support to PMM staff by i) delivery of communication trainings to relevant Provincial Directorates of Migration Management (PDMM) staff who will be in contact with the migrants under ATDs and ii) informative meetings on ATDs with representatives of countries of origin and destination to cooperate on reaching out the target groups.

Component 3, Enhancing cooperation with partner countries: This component aims to strengthen the collaboration with partner countries through a consultative workshop which would bring relevant ICMPD member states’ authorities responsible for detentions and the implementation of ATDs, with a view to facilitating the exchange of experiences on the practical implementation of procedures and best practices as well as to discuss further cooperation modalities.