Document Security Jordan

#Border Management and Security

February 2021 to June 2022
Government of the Netherlands
Implementing Agency
International Centre on Migration Policy Development

Objective: To support Jordan to improve its capabilities in the detection of fraudulent use of travel and identity documents.

Specific objectives:

Component 1: Capacity Building of Jordanian Borders and Residence Department (BRD) staff on document security (through training and expertise exchange).

This component aims to strengthen the capacity of BRD staff involved in the fight against illicit activities to detect forged and falsified travel documents at basic, intermediate and advanced levels.

  • Improved capacity of 17 BRD staff (core group) contributing to increased effectiveness and efficiency in the detection of forged and falsified travel documents, as well as increased impostor recognition at the border crossing points.
  • Improved training capacity of 10 selected BRD staff on document security, through Training of Trainers (ToT), will increase professional knowledge on modern teaching methods and didactical methodologies.
  • Enhanced exposure of 2 selected BRD staff on good practices on document security by specialised agencies in the Netherlands  will promote BRD’s capacity in applying knowledge gained through trainings into practice; it will also support the facilitation of expert networks between Jordan and the Netherlands.

Component 2: Equipment Purchase, installation and training on usage of the document detection equipment (namely, the establishment of a document laboratory at BRD Headquarters).

This component aims to strengthen the effectiveness of document inspection through the provision of modern equipment at the BRD laboratory, and for training purposes. Provision of modern equipment, including the respective training on its effective use by BRD staff, will improve the detection of document fraud, from basic to more advanced forms.

  • Improved infrastructural capacity of BRD at HQ level to detect forged documents will reduce illicit activity and enable BRD to enforce the respective legislation on document fraud.
  • Availability of advanced document detection equipment will ensure more secure, effective, and efficient processes at BRD HQ.

The  main beneficiary from this project is the Jordanian Borders and Residence Department (BRD) within the Public Security Directorate (PSD). BRD is a specialised agency responsible for the implementation and enforcement of laws and regulations governing border check procedures at the Jordan borders, including supervision of land, sea and air border crossing points (BCPs).

Indirect beneficiaries will include other border management and law enforcement agencies in Jordan such as the General Intelligence Directorate (GID), Jordan Customs (JC) and Jordanian Armed Forces (JAF) all of whom would be able to use information collected by BRD and intelligence subsequently produced. Additionally, the general travelling and trading public would also benefit as an increased detection of fraudulent use of documents would lead to an increase of disruption of criminal and terrorist activities.