ENACT: Enforcing Capacities For Application Of Alternative Measures To Detention in Türkiye

#Capacity Development #Cross Cutting Topics

September 2023 to February 2025
Swiss Confederation, State Secretariat for Migration
Presidency of Migration Management (PMM)
Implementing Agency


This project will be supporting PMM under two components:
• Component 1: This component aims at enhancing operational and technical capacity of PMM and PDMMs in the implementation of ATD are strengthened, and ensuring the human rights of affected migrants through i) Delivery of trainings on the implementation of ATD in line with the national legislation and international human rights standards, ii) Conducting field visits in 7 Regions of Türkiye to PDMMs to observe and provide feedback on the application of ATDs, iii) Organization of consultative workshops with heads of working groups on effective, harmonized and rights-based implementation of ATD, iv) Organization of an evaluation meeting with the provincial directors and heads of Removal Centres to discuss the implementation of ATD to ensure their standardized and rights-based application, v) Drafting of an impact analysis report on the implementation of ATD and provide backstopping support
• Component 2: This component aims at enhancing the cooperation and coordination among relevant institutions in the implementation of ATD, and at informing migrants and relevant actors, including national and international NGOs, of their rights and responsibilities in terms of ATD through i) Organization of a consultative workshop with civil society to raise awareness and exchange views on implementation of ATD, ii) Organization of a round table meeting on ATD and legal remedies, iii) Provision of complementary support on information dissemination and awareness raising initiatives, iv) Organization of a study visit and facilitate PMM staff’s participation at an international conference/training experts to learn from the best practices and enhance the international cooperation network