MAGNET: Enhancing Multi-actor Operational Cooperation In Migration Management: Migration Management Authorities Networking Event

#Cross Cutting Topics

November 2023 to February 2024
The Norwegian Ministry of Justice and Public Security (MoJ)
Presidency of Migration Management (PMM)
Implementing Agency


The project is composed of three components:
• Component 1: This component will focus on conducting a thorough analysis to pinpoint areas ripe for discussion and expansion of coordination and cooperation among national and international stakeholders. For this purpose, regular reports, typically on a monthly basis for four months, will be prepared for tracking and assessing ongoing developments along migration routes, which can significantly impact migration management in Türkiye.
• Component 2: Under this component, a series of stakeholder meetings focusing on international community, public institutions, civil society, academia, or private sector to provide a platform to elucidate the latest developments in migration situation along the migration situation with the support of the outcome of the reports that were planned to be produced under Component 1.
• Component 3: Migration Management Authorities Networking Event (MAGNET) will be organized under this component to ensure cross-sectoral and multi-stakeholder exchanges among the representatives of the public institutions, academia, private sector and CSOs to foster cross-regional collaboration; ensure a rich exchange of best practices and lived experiences; to effectively develop future operational cooperation strategies; and to maintain sustained engagement to address migration challenges. MAGNET will serve as a dynamic platform for comprehensive collaboration, knowledge sharing, and the development of strategic approaches to address the complex dynamics of migration management effectively.