MIEUX: MIgration EU eXpertise Initiative (MIEUX)

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*Global / Armenia / Azerbaijan / Belarus / Belize / Benin / Brazil / Burkina Faso / Burundi / Cabo Verde / Cameroon / Colombia / Comoros / Congo (Democratic Republic of) / Congo (Republic of) / Costa Rica / Djibouti / Ecuador / El Salvador / Egypt / Eritrea / Eswatini / Ethiopia / Gabon / Gambia / Georgia / Ghana / Guatemala / Guinea / Guinea-Bissau / Honduras / Indonesia / Jordan / Kazakhstan / Kenya / Kyrgyzstan / Liberia / Libya / Lebanon / Madagascar / Malawi / Mali / Mexico / Mauritania / Mauritius / Moldova (Republic of) / Morocco / Niger / Nigeria / Panama / Philippines / Rwanda / Senegal / Sierra Leone / Somalia / Sudan / Tajikistan / Thailand / Tunisia / Togo / Uganda / Ukraine / Uzbekistan / Zambia / Zimbabwe
Duty Stations
Brussels, Belgium
January 2009 to March 2024
European Commission's Directorate-General for International Partnerships (DG INTPA)


MIEUX+ (MIgration EU eXpertise) Initiative was a joint initiative funded by the European Union (EU) and implemented by the International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD), that ran for 15 years from 2009 to 2024.
As a facility for knowledge exchange between peers in the European Union and institutions in Africa, Asia, the European Neighbourhood, Latin America and the Caribbean, MIEUX implemented 138 projects on different topics related to migration, sourcing the expertise required from European Public Administrations, academia and the private sector.

The success of MIEUX can be attributed thanks to three features: working on a demand-driven basis, reacting quickly to requests, and fostering peer-to-peer exchange of knowledge.
The Initiative supported regional organisations, national ministries, local authorities, parliamentary bodies, judicial actors, and civil society organisations in improving the governance and management of migration and mobility in 100+ countries. More than 15,000 participants benefited from MIEUX capacity-building activities delivered by 465 migration experts.

By implementing a culture of mutual learning, with partner feedback in the driving seat, MIEUX served as a laboratory for testing new approaches and methodologies. The knowledge and practices shared are the building blocks of the lasting impact that the Facility will leave behind. These will remain embedded into the hundreds of institutions that have collaborated with the ICMPD team and indirectly, serve the needs of migrants worldwide, in line with Sustainable Development Goal 10, and other regional and international commitments on safe, orderly and regular migration.

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