EU IBM Lebanon Phase III: Strengthening Capability for Integrated Border Management in Lebanon

#Border Management and Security

Duty Stations
Beirut, Lebanon
January 2020 to November 2023
European Union
Implementing Agency

Main Objective

To enhance capacities of Lebanese authorities to control the borders while facilitating movement of goods and bona fide travellers through a rights-based approach.

Specific Objectives

  1. To enhance border governance seeks to support Lebanese commitment to the implementation of the National IBM Strategy and work towards inter-agency cooperation with the aim of enhancing overall border governance, which will enhance sovereignty, facilitate trade, improve security and strengthen the rule of law. This will be achieved through a continuation of the work done on interagency cooperation and coordination, asset management, planning, budgeting, and institutionalised relations with international counterparts.
  2. To reinforce right based approach and IBM coordination contributing to enhanced border security and trade facilitation seeks to sustainably strengthen the capacities of the LAF, General Security (GS), Lebanese Customs Authority (LCA), Internal Security Forces (ISF) and Lebanese Civil Defence (LCD) in carrying out their respective mandates at an operational level, through training coaching and mentoring. This will include planning work on borders, and with regards to customs and border procedure transparency.
  3. To contribute to the security and stability of border communities will leverage past investment in Community engagement in vulnerable border communities in the North and East of the country with a view to improving relations between Security Sector Actors and local communities, bearing a high burden of displaced population hosting. It will entail the development of local development projects implemented in cooperation with local NGOs and CBOs and security sector actors that provide shared benefits.

Project Manager