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1 Jul– 7 Jul Qakh, Azerbaijan: ICMPD/MOBILAZE/ENIGMMA2
International Summer School on Migration Studies
9 Jul Yerevan, Armenia: ICMPD/MIBMA
MIBMA 5th Steering Group Meeting
10 Jul–12 Jul Yerevan, Bagratashen BCP, Bavra BCP, Armenia: ICMPD/MIBMA
IBM Assessment Mission to Bagratashen and Bavra BCPs
16 Jul–17 Jul Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: ICMPD/Euromed IV
EMM4 Sub regional consultation workshop entitled “Exploring Labour Migration Mechanisms in the MENA region”
17 Jul Tripoli, Libya: ICMPD/Libya rights-based migration
Workshop “AU-EU-UN tripartite Agreement: technical workshop”
24 Jul–25 Jul Borovoe, Kazakhstan: ICMPD/BOMCA
3rd Conference of regional cooperation in the field of border security in Central Asia