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New research: How are the war in Syria and the refugee crisis affecting human trafficking?

ICMPD’s new study finds that Syrian refugees are often trafficked or exploited because they are not able to meet their basic needs. To prevent this, investment in infrastructure and humanitarian aid in the main hosting countries...> more

Lack of “viable alternatives” leads to exploitation of Syrians

New ICMPD study on the impact of the Syrian war and refugee situation on trafficking in persons in the region makes recommendations on how to address vulnerability> more

Journeys of vulnerability from Syria to Europe

Addressing the vulnerability of people affected by the Syrian crisis is necessary to prevent their exploitation at the hands of human traffickers. In Syria and the surrounding countries, this means providing access to basic...> more

Advancing migration cooperation through demand-driven peer-to-peer expertise

This new publication presents good practices and lessons learnt from the initiative 'MIgration EU eXpertise - MIEUX', an innovative and pioneering migration experts’ facility with the aim of enhancing the capacities of...> more

New modalities needed for better diaspora engagement policies

The relatively recent upsurge in projects, meetings and other activities to support diaspora engagement has resulted in a number of lessons learnt for ICMPD, which we analyse in a new Working Paper: "Promoting Diaspora...> more

FMM West Africa - Call for Proposals for Non-State Actors

The project ‘Support to Free Movement of Persons and Migration in West Africa (FMM West Africa) aims to boost the development potential of free movement and migration in West Africa.> more

Desperation leaves Syrian refugees open to exploitation

What impact is the Syrian war and refugee crisis having on trafficking in persons in the region? ICMPD is carrying out a research assessment to form the basis for well-informed responses, to reduce the likelihood of trafficking...> more

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