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COVID-19: ICMPD employees will start to return to their workplaces

13 May 2020

On 12 March the World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 a global pandemic. In order to support the measures being implemented by our host country, the Republic of Austria, and the other countries where ICMPD has duty stations, we took a number of measures to protect our employees and stop the virus from spreading further, including working from home.

After having had monitored and evaluated the development, and based on the guidance of national and international medical authorities, we can enable a safe and gradual return of our employees to the office premises from 18 May, 2020 onward in Vienna. Our other duty stations will start to re-open accordingly based on the different national conditions.

Taking up their duties within the office premises entails a set of new protective measures for and behaviours by ICMPD employees. The most important ones will be the continuous practice of social distancing and washing hands regularly, among other measures. These will reduce the risks of contagion until a cure for Covid-19 will be found.