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ICMPD welcomes two new Member States at the Southern Borders of the EU

15 May 2018

With Malta and Turkey both joining ICMPD in May 2018 ICMPD is happy to welcome two new Member States. ICMPD has now 17 Member States all across Europe.

Both Malta and Turkey are not only hosting ICMPD offices and staff in their respective countries but have already closely cooperated with ICMPD on a broad range of projects in different thematic areas. Furthermore, Turkey and Malta are both part of the priority regions defined by ICMPD in its "strategy 2020".

ICMPD’s Director General Michael Spindelegger took the opportunity to welcome the two new member states at ICMPD’s last steering group meeting in Bukarest, Romania. “With Malta and Turkey joining ICMPD, we are proud to have two new partners that historically and geographically have always been at the forefront of migration movements and can look back on a vast experience. Their memberships will deepen our inter-state and inter-agency cooperation and help carry out significant projects in the regions and beyond.  


Download Press Release on Malta here.

Download Press Release on Turkey here.